Mmmmm Bagels

Yesterday, while grocery shopping, my husband and I faced a dilemma.  We’ve been eating bagels for breakfast and in lunches for the past few weeks.  I ate cinnamon raisin with regular cream cheese.  He ate blueberry with blueberry swirl cream cheese.  When we finally got to the grocery store at 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon, all the bagels were very picked over.  There were plain bagels and there were everything bagels.  Neither of us really wanted plain bagels – boring!  Neither of us had ever had an everything bagel and didn’t know if we would like it.  We took the risk.

On our way home from church today my husband asked what I wanted for lunch.  I hadn’t thought about it.  He had already decided what he wanted.  He wanted to fry up a few eggs and put them on his bagel.  This idea turned into individualized gourmet bagel sandwiches… mmmmm.

photo 2My egg and bagel sandwich was pretty simple.  Just 2 fried eggs with garlic salt and pepper, cheddar cheese, and a little tiny bit of cream cheese smeared on the toasted bagel.  I normally like grape jelly on my egg sandwiches (something my mother taught me), but I wasn’t sure how it would be on an everything bagel.  I will put the grape jelly on next time.  What makes the grape jelly even better is that my grandma makes and cans it herself.  What could be better than homemade grape jelly?  It’s the only jelly I eat.

My husband made his bagel sandwich without cream cheese, and used pepper jack instead of cheddar.  I think he had more eggs too.  I was too busy devouring mine to really pay attention.  But he looks excited to eat his, don’t you think?

photo 5

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