Only the Best Potato Salad Ever!

I’ve never been a great lover of potato salad.  I mean… it’s potatoes, eggs, and mayo, what could possibly be special about it, right?  It probably didn’t help that I have pretty much zero memory of my mother ever making potato salad.  It just wasn’t a thing we ate.

My dear husband is a potato salad lover.  It’s one of his favorite foods.  But he’s also a potato salad critic.  It is nearly impossible to impress him (because duh, the whole potatoes, eggs, mayo thing…).  In fact, he really only likes his mom’s potato salad.  He has always claimed it’s the best, as have many of his aunts, uncles, cousins…

Last summer, she taught me how to make it.  It even has a secret ingredient!  One of his cousins almost didn’t eat it when she found out I had helped make it, because then it wasn’t truly “Aunt Ruthann’s.”  But it passed the Jacob test, and since then I’ve been able to make it several times since.  Today, I made a small bowl to go with our burgers.  Ruthann doesn’t use any real measurements, so you just have to make it to taste.

Here’s what you’ll need:IMG_2354

  • potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • eggs
  • sweet pickles
  • mayo
  • mustard (optional)
  • salt & pepper – to taste

So easy to start, boil the potatoes (with some salt) and the eggs.  While you wait, dice up the sweet pickles.  I don’t like pickles, but they’re part of the salad, so what can I do… but put in less than Jacob would like 🙂

Just about the most pickles I was willing to put in today.

Just about the most pickles I was willing to put in today.

Obviously the eggs will boil faster.  Once they’re done, you can crush them up small and put them into a bowl with the pickles.  Then you’ll just have to wait a little bit for the potatoes to be done.  I read a chapter and a half in my book while waiting.

Once the potatoes are boiled, dump them in the bowl too.  Then mix in the mayo and mustard.  I don’t think my mother in law puts in mustard, but I like mustard, and Jacob hasn’t complained yet.

Mix it well!  I also added in some paprika and garlic powder.  Then tasted to check if we needed more salt & pepper.  It was fine. Sometimes I chop some onions in there too, but today was not one of those days.

There, a whole post about potato salad without giving away the secret ingredient.  Unfortunately none of your potato salad will be as good as my mother in law’s, but I’m ok with that.  You will have a great base to start with.

Grilled Burger & Potato Salad - what a summery meal!

Grilled Burger & Potato Salad – what a summery meal!

Jacob ate almost all of the potato salad.  I had the little scoop shown above, Jacob had 3 helpings.  There is just enough for us to each have some for lunch tomorrow.  Yum!

Not much leftover.

Not much leftover.

Jacob's 2nd helping - almost half his plate

Jacob’s 2nd helping – almost half his plate

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