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Mmmmmm, pasta! Seriously, the Italian people know what they’re doing in the kitchen!

Only the Best Potato Salad Ever!

I’ve never been a great lover of potato salad.  I mean… it’s potatoes, eggs, and mayo, what could possibly be special about it, right?  It probably didn’t help that I have pretty much zero memory of my mother ever making … Continue reading

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Our Summer Food Challenge

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve written anything here.  I guess life has just been so busy.  But now Jacob is done with his school year, we are both done with the regular school year schedule at church, and I … Continue reading

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Creamy Tomato & Tortellini Soup

I do not love tomato soup.  I’ve never really even liked it.  But when it comes to grilled cheese, having tomato soup kind of seemed like a classic idea.  Plus, Jacob loves tomato soup and grilled cheese.  So, with this in … Continue reading

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Southwest Ranch Pasta Salad

I have a love/hate relationship with potluck situations.  I love to cook for people, I get really nervous that they might not like my food.  I could easily spend hours looking for and debating the right recipe.  I like to … Continue reading

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Basic Chicken Lo Mein

I don’t eat chinese food very often.  I love it, but I don’t eat it.  First, I don’t like getting takeout chinese food (though it is a favorite of mine).  I always feel like it’s all fried and terrible for … Continue reading

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